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HARVEY mapping is available on RouteBuddy

Original HARVEY mapping has been converted to feature on the popular digital map software, RouteBuddy.

Mapping for Windows OS, Mac OSX, Smartphone and Tablet.

Available series

  • Superwalker - 1:25,000 scale
  • British Mountain Maps - 1:40,000
  • National Trails and Long Distance Routes

Buying our popular mapping in digital format means that you can use your computer to plan your routes on the map, print off sections you need and upload both the map and the routes to your iOS device to support and locate you when out on the mountain. When you return you can download your tracks from your gps device, see your track on the map and review the track statistics.

Mountain Rescue advise that for safety you should always carry a full printed map with you.

For more details about RouteBuddy Software for Windows and Mac OS X see www.routebuddy.com/routebuddy

For more details about RouteBuddy Atlas for iOS devices see www.routebuddy.com/atlas