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Cleveland Way National Trail

Cleveland Way National Trail

Digital map showing the entire Cleveland Way National Trail

174km (109 miles) from Helmsley across the North York Moors National Park to Saltburn and along the coast via Scarborough ending at Filey.

The Cleveland Way National Trail was the second to be established in Britain and is now over 40 years old. Many walkers consider it as a classic route because of the variety of landscapes through which it travels. The first half of the 109 miles is spent crossing the North York Moors National Park, including great windswept vistas from the heather moorlands across the Vale of York and north to Teesside. Having reached the sea at Saltburn by the Sea the route follows the dramatic North Yorkshire Coast all the way through to Filey, climbing to the highest cliffs in eastern England at Boulby along the way. Throughout the walk there are welcoming villages both small and large as well as the bustling towns of Whitby and Scarborough to enjoy.

Another popular feature of the Cleveland Way is the wealth of important heritage sites and history to enjoy along the route. Numerous historic monuments can easily be visited including Helmsley Castle, Rievaulx Abbey, Whitby Abbey and Scarborough Castle. Man?s impact on the landscape is also in evidence, especially revealing is the industrial past of the North York Moors, such as the extensive alum quarries at Boulby and Kettleness.

Detailed mapping, full legend. National Grid.

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