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Tough, Light, Waterproof maps for Walking, Running & Cycling

Cone and Compass Cards Twin Pack

Cone and Compass Cards Twin Pack

"These cards provide fun progressions for learners and coaches"
Nigel Williams, Head of Training, Glenmore Lodge

New resource for leaders and instructors of navigation.

Cone and Compass Cards are an aid for teaching the fundamentals of navigation and providing the link from classroom exercises to going outdoors with a map.

  • The sets of cards are ready for use saving you hours of preparation time.
  • They can be used many times. Just collect them in at the end of the exercise and re-use next time. They are tearproof and waterproof and designed for repeated use.
  • A pack provides you with enough cards for each student to have a card in their hand and work individually.

The Cone and Compass Cards have been designed in collaboration between HARVEY and professional outdoor instructors for the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) to provide leaders and instructors with a tool for teaching crucial aspects of navigation.

The Twin Pack contains two card sets:
The Cone Cards are ideal for learning and practicing how to set a map properly. The pack consists of 16 unique pairs providing a steady progression in difficulty level.

The Compass Cards pack consists of 16 cards for teaching bearings and developing understanding of direction and the cardinal points with or without a compass.

Each pack includes an instruction sheet written by Nigel Williams, with guidance on methods and good practice.

The cards are printed in colour on plastic making them suitable for all environments - no need to laminate! Ideal for use in schools, outdoor centres, and with groups of all kinds wherever there is interaction with the environment in an outdoor learning context.

  • Waterproof
  • Tearproof
  • Handy size
  • Suitable for a range of skill levels
  • Pack includes instruction sheet
  • Suitable for a teaching group of up to 16 students

Price: 28.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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