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  • Map Sample

    Printed at 1:40,000 scale. 1 grid square equals 1 km

    The map

  • Pocket Perfect

    Ultramaps are three fifths the size of a regular map with no compromise on detail

  • Map Legend

    Symbol specification for the Superwalker

    Download PDF

    Download PDF

Series Information

Slim and light, the Ultramap covers a large area and yet is handily compact. Pocket perfect!

Key Features

  • Unique folding pattern allows you to open to either side of the sheet
  • The two sides are aligned so when you reach the edge just flip it over without re-folding
  • There's an overlap as well so you can map read continuously
  • The magic scale of 1:40,000 provides all the detail you would expect on a large scale walking map, including boundaries
  • Gives you an overview of the shape of the ground and enough detail to plan ahead


  • Ultra tough
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra compact
  • 100% waterproof


  • No compromise - original HARVEY mapping for sure navigation
  • Opens directly to any part, and either side, of the sheet
  • National Grid for reference


  • Large area in handy format
  • Built to cope with rough conditions
  • Weighs just 25g

View and download the legend in PDF format

Click here to see Product Specification for this series

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