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Maps for Walking, Hiking, Rambling, Running & Cycling

Custom maps & event maps

Map excerpts
Where you need a map of a specific area, or a number of copies, it may be most economic to have a specially made map or a map extract. You can have additional information added to the basic map e.g routes, sponsor’s logo, emergency instructions.

  • Map excerpts for outdoor centres and trainers who use the same area often
  • Contour-only maps for navigation training
  • Maps for book illustrations
  • Cycle maps

HARVEY digital data can be customised and edited as necessary. Maps are normally supplied on waterproof paper for outdoor purposes. Small and large quantities catered for.

Maps for events
HARVEY has more than 35 years’ experience in providing maps for outdoor events, fell races and challenges, including such well-known names as the OMM, RAB, Saunders, Capricorn, 10 Peaks and Caledonian Challenge. Whether or not you are new to event organisation, do contact us to talk through your project.

We can provide full maps or map extracts, with or without checkpoints, courses, out of bounds, logos, adverts, text. Course maps from selected previous Mountain Marathons are available, for example OMM.

Related mapping services
  • Large-scale mapping for land managers
  • Digital photogrammetry
  • General cartographic services
  • Air survey for land management
  • Detailed contour surveys for windfarm planning

For further information please contact us using the details below or alternatively send us an enquiry using the contact form

telephone: +44 (0) 1786 841202