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Map Quiz for Beginners

DIFFICULTY RATING: BEGINNER (For the younger or novice navigator ...)

If you are stuck at home right now and missing the great outdoors, have a go at our map-based quiz and test your knowledge on map features, map reading and more. Good luck!

Answer sheet available as a PDF from the link below

  1. HARVEY Maps mark Munros on the Scottish maps with bold red writing - what is a Munro?
  2. If you have been to the top of a hill in the UK you may have seen a square or sometimes round concrete pillar. What were they for?
  3. How are the pillars in question 2 above marked on a map?
  4. Contour lines show two things, the steepness of the ground and which direction a slope faces. On various maps they represent a different interval - 5, 10 or 15 metres of height between them but where is the height measured from?
  5. What is the symbol on an Ordnance Survey map used to indicate one of these?
  6. Can you tell the difference between a place of worship with a spire, minaret or dome on it from a place of worship with a tower on it?
  7. Why do you think having a date on a map is important?
  8. Look at any piece of a HARVEY Map with grid squares on it. On the ground how far is it straight across a square - not diagonally?
  9. Which is referred to as the "small scale map" and which is the "large scale map"? HARVEY 1:40,000 scale and HARVEY 1:25,000 scale?
  10. Where on earth would you be if you could walk 1km north followed by 1km east then 1km south and end up back where you started?

Answers and Resources

You can download a PDF version of the Map Quiz 2 and the Answers.