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Our use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that may be placed by a web site on a users PC. They are used to store information that may be needed while browsing the site, or on a future visit. This may include personal data, or anonymous information such as previously visited pages or items stored in the shopping cart.

Our site uses an ecommerce software called SellerDeck. SellerDeck products currently use the following cookies:

Checkout & Shopping Cart

ACTINIC_CART - this records the session file of the shopping cart. Consent is obtained before use provided the Terms and Conditions is accepted in the checkout process.
ACTINIC_BUSINESS - this cookie refers to the login digest for logged in customers.
ACTINIC_CONTACT - the checkout 'Remember Me' function stores contact information to avoid the need for re-entering for subsequent orders.

Other cookies

None of the cookies below stores personal data.

ACTINIC_REFERRER - this cookie returns the customer to the last page visited after completion of the checkout.
LAST_SECTION_URL - this cookie is used by the 'Back' link on the Product Page, to return the site user to the correct Section Page.
CART_CONTENT - this stores the cart value and item count for the shopping cart summary.