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Sustainable Card Map Sleeves

January 2024

Since 1977, HARVEY Maps has sought to create and provide fit for purpose tools to enjoy the outdoors. As such, we recognise that we have a particular responsibility for maintaining our environment for future generations. Whilst we continue to innovate with cartography, we are also pushing hard to eliminate waste and single use plastics from our operation.

In a major change to how our maps are packaged and presented, the use and provision of plastic map sleeves will cease from 1st February 2024. Instead, our award-winning, waterproof maps will now be displayed in retail stores in fully recyclable, non-laminated, cardboard map sleeves. HARVEY maps bought from other online retailers should also be delivered in the new sleeves as the change from plastic is adopted throughout 2024. Maps bought from the HARVEY Maps website will continue to be sent without a sleeve of any kind.

By making this change, HARVEY Maps will prevent nearly 1 tonne of plastic each year from entering the economy.

What are they made of?
Each sleeve is manufactured using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified uncoated card. This means that the card originates from responsibly managed, FSC certified forests - a vital element in ensuring our forests survive not just today but forever.

The ink used is biodegradable and fully recyclable and the adhesive used to finish the sleeves is energy efficient and solvent-free which means you can be 100% confident that when you choose to recycle your sleeve you are minimising your own impact on further environmental damage.

"The move from plastic to card sleeves is the culmination of years of research and many prototypes to ensure our maps continue to be presented in the best way possible. I am immensely proud of our entire team - their desire to make a tangible difference to the environment, our operation and to improve our products for the right reasons is a credit to them all.

We have been acutely aware for a long time now that plastic sleeves have posed a challenge to us. Whilst they have presented the maps well and have been vital in how we have displayed our products in retail stores in the past, this alone was no reason not to press for a new and innovative, environmentally friendly solution. I look forward to working closely with all of our partners and customers as we continue forward with our commitment to sustainable best practice."
Adam King, CEO.

This change represents a major milestone on HARVEY Maps' journey, however the work is by no means complete. Our business and our maps are tied to the magnificent landscape and the environment we all live in and so we must continue to eliminate other single-use plastics from our operation and innovate to replace them with other materials or recycled packaging. There is always more that can and will be done.

For you. For us. For the planet.